PPG Wealth Creation for Clients

The Directors at PPG International have over 25 years personal experience in property investment. We have a strong philosophy: "if we would not personally invest in the property, we would not recommend it to a client."

PPG Philanthropy

PPG International has a long tradition of helping the non-profit sector and sets aside 10% of net profits each year.  The funds are distributed where they can best be utilised in the non-profit sector.

Recently, late 2011, PPG supported the Riding for the Kids campaign to support The Smith Family and recieved a letter in recognition and thanks...

Hi Steve,

I am the captain of the fundraising team that Nat Mendes did the Around the Bay in a Day ride with this year – Riding for the Kids.

We wanted to personally thank you for your extraordinarily generous donation to Nat and the team. Yours was by far the largest donation the team received.
Amazingly, thanks to the generosity of people like yourself and PPG International  the 36 of us have managed to raise $46,941 for The Smith Family. This is enough to provide 100 disadvantaged Aussie kids with a scholarship for a year. It’s looking likely that out of the 800+ teams registered for the event, Riding for the Kids will finish as the #1 fundraising team! Our original goal was to raise $10,000.

Stephen, Captain of Riding for the Kids.